About Us

We are committed to one mission...image

To help short term rental Hosts all around the world score more 5 star reviews.


Because when I was starting out as a new Airbnb host, I struggled to consistently get 5 star reviews from my guests. Some guests would write a review saying that they had a great stay, yet they would leave a 4 star review.

I knew that the key to unlocking Airbnb's Superhost status was getting more 5 star reviews, but how do you get people to give you five stars if they don't know what five stars means?

Airbnb Review Magnets were born out of necessity. I needed a way to help my guests understand Airbnb's rating system and make sure they left me the best possible rating after their stay.

I started leaving the magnets on my fridge so that my guests would see them when they were looking for the ketchup. The first time I did it, one of my guests left me a note saying "Thanks for your awesome breakdown of the ratings! We never realized that four stars actually meant that there were issues during our stay." I knew then that I had discovered something special.

After spending the start of my hosting career being at the mercy of Airbnb's guest ratings system, I decided it was time for me to take control of my income.

I am proud and excited to offer these magnets to other Airbnb hosts who are just as frustrated and know the power of better guest reviews.

I am proud to help other top Airbnb hosts speak up for themselves to make a better living for themselves and their families.

Cheers to you and your continued commitment to being in the top 1% of every single thing they do. I see you, and I acknowledge you!