Triple Magnet Bundle

Three of our top favorites bundled together: Ratings Explanation + WIFI Password + Checkout Checklist magnets.

Welcome Guide NFC Magnets

Guests want to know where to go and what to do. These magnets are the seamless way to share your welcome guide in one tap. From your fridge to their smartphone in less than a's practically magic!

Direct Booking Magnets

Guests are as tired of Airbnb's over-the-top fees just as much as you are. These direct booking magnets are the easiest way to score more direct bookings from your guests!

Social Media Magnets

The easiest way to get more guests to follow your social media pages. More followers and more money in your pocket, without the hassle.

4,200+ hosts ♥︎ our magnets!

Improving your communication with guests is the #1 way to boost your Airbnb ratings & get more bookings. But that doesn't necessarily mean talking more.

Thousands of Airbnb Superhosts use our magnets at their properties to communicate with guests.

Effective, targeted information communicated effortlessly. And our classic, eye-catching designs make sure guests won't forget.

WIFI Password Magnets

Guests hate digging through your welcome book to find the WIFI password. So do everybody a favor and make it easy to find as soon as they walk through the door. They'll thank you!

Checkout Checklist Magnets

Guests are busy. And as much as you'd like them to read your welcome guide, there's a good chance they won't. So this is how you make sure they see the important stuff. A smooth checkout means happy guests and even happier hosts.

Other Awesome Magnets

Guests hate feeling like they're being "parented," especially on vacation. These other magnets will help you keep guests "in-the-know" without being a total buzzkill!