How to Program NFC Tag to Open Welcome Guide

Here are the step-by-step directions for program your NFC tag so it instantly links to your online welcome guide. Your NFC tag is fully programmable. You have the ability to overwrite (i.e., change) the linked website at any time.

Step 1: Download the free "NFC Tools" app from the Apple App Store or Android App Store.

How to program NFC chip step one.

Step 2: After opening the app you will be greeted with this home page. Click "Write" to move on to the next step. 

Step 3Here, you will see a page with three options. Click the first option "Add A Record" to move on to step four.

How to program NFC chip step three.

Step 4: This step greets you with multiple options. You are going to click on the "Custom URL/URI" option.

How to program NFC chip step four.

Step 5After clicking "Custom URL/URI" the app will bring you to this simple page. Just copy/paste your web link WITH the https:// if the link has one. Click "OK" in top right corner when you are done. Be careful not to accidentally add a space before or after the link when copy/pasting.

How to program NFC chip step five.

Step 6After clicking "OK" you will be brought back to this page, this time you should see your Custom URL added. You will also notice the app tells you the amount of space your link takes up, in this case 16 Bytes.

Note: Ensure that there is only one item here, if there are 2+ items you will have an error scanning NFC tag.

Click "Write" to be prompted with an NFC "Ready to Scan" message.

How to program NFC chip step six.

Step 7Now your smartphone is looking for an NFC tag to encode.

For iPhone, hold the top-center of your phone within 1 inch of Tap Tag while this message is up (as seen in picture).

For Android, place backside-middle of phone onto Tap Tag.  

Your smartphone will make a sound and/or vibrate when your NFC tag is officially encoded, which should take less than one second. 

How to program NFC chip step seven.

Step 8: You should see this check mark symbolizing that your NFC chip is programmed! That's it! You did it!

How to program NFC chip step eight.

You can test Tap Tag by holding your smartphone near it. Your phone should automatically receive the information you encoded via a drop down notification.

You do not need an app to read Tap Tag, any compatible smartphone will read the tag within 3 inches as long as the screen is on. Smartphones often take 1-2 seconds to scan. Some phones may need to be unlocked first. Some android phones may need to have "NFC" turned on in settings.

If you choose to re-program another link into your tag simply repeat these steps to overwrite the previous link.

Depending on the type of phone you have, your NFC chip reader is located in the following areas:

NFC chip reader location on smartphones.

For iPhones: The NFC reader is located at the center-top-rear of your iPhone.

For Android: Most androids have the NFC reader in the middle-back of phone. Please note that some android phone placement may vary.