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Better Direct Booking QR Magnets

Better Direct Booking QR Magnets

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Want to make more money with your listing?

Our new Direct Booking QR Magnets are the easiest way to instantly get more direct bookings.

When your guests book direct, it's a win-win: They get a better price. You generate higher profits.

On average, direct bookings can put 15-20% more in your pocket by cutting out the fees and commissions charged by middlemen, such as Airbnb.

To maximize the number of direct bookings, our Direct Booking Magnets equip your guests with the right information at the right time--they give your website a call to action with a custom QR code that's highly visible when they're having a great time at your property.

Use our Direct Booking QR Magnet to get more direct bookings with ease!

You must provide your direct booking website URL when checking out. The website you provide will be printed in the center of your magnet and the QR code will also direct to the website.


  • All magnets are handmade in the USA
  • Magnet size is 4"x6"
  • Made with strong, thin (0.8 mm) magnetic sheeting
  • Easily sticks to most refrigerators and metal surfaces.
  • Please note that magnet will not stick to surfaces that contain a thick nickel coating
  • Great for Airbnb, VRBO, and any other short term rental properties
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